Increase customer conversion | Reduce costs

Consumer tech.
Current and potential customers.

Real Time. Engagement.

5% of consumer tech customers possess proper expertise and feel the desire to help others with technical challenges. We found a way to use their potential for you, transforming competence into engagement.
helpar changes customer relations


helpar allows a new form of pre-sales activity, enabling companies to connect in early stages of a customer journey. Just place time tokens at sales points and encourage potential customers to get information via helpar app.


helpar allows a convenient onboarding of technical products, empowering proper use of it and reduces unnecessary returns on the way. Place time tokens on product covers to let customers connect with great explainers.


helpar powers a great product support, enabling companies to run always available, convenient connectable contact points. Just place time tokens at mobile support websites and enable potential customers to get instant help.
Great communication app | Unique business model

The first decentralized global help desk for the consumer tech industry.

helpar changes the way how companies engage with current and potential customers (help seekers) using a unique business strategy and a streamlined communication app. Customer engagement at its finest, powering the community driven economy.
Our vision: Facebook for social media, Amazon for online purchase, Youtube for videos, Google for search and helpar for issues.
Attention economy | Customer engagement

Reduce complexity and win the battle for your customers' time and attention.

Offer an easy-to-use environment and empower your customers to accomplish their wishes, needs and demands.
Transfer control of certain communicational processes to your customers and let them feel valued. Take advantage of data driven insights and improve your products and services on the way.
I invested in helpar, because I believe, this is the new way for companies to run their customer relations.
Tech-investor from Sweden



The problem: There is no instantly connective and cost-effective communication tool resolve customer issues at all potential touchpoints at any time. The solution: Engage your own customers to help others. Use our time tokens at any touchpoint to connect them with other customers in need. The result: higher customer satisfaction, more effective support structures and faster conversion of prospective customers. What more can you aim for.
Engage customers in a collaborative engagement with a purpose in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment. Enable them to share their smartphone’s camera view as the camera acts as their eyes.
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