blockchain asia tour – spring 2019

blockchain asia spring tour

tokenomX by yellow

2019 seems to be a trend-setting year for the crypto community in particular. that’s why I caught up with the latest developments during my spring crypto tour through Asia. It all started in Bangkok.  

The man himself, Alexis Sirkia, founder of Yellow and innovator of the blockchain space, set up new standards for blockchain conferences. TokenomX, the main event in spring, took place in Bangkok from Februar 27th to 28th and saw crypto evangelists from all over the world joining force while discussing the future of our beloved technology. I had the opportunity to talk to several legends, but one guy in particular impressed me most. Miko Matsumura, General Partner at Gumi Ventures and Co-founder at Evercoin exchange, had the audience with his speech about Carnivors and Vegans in the VC space. Such a witty speech he gave, but nevertheless his funny analogies showed great understanding and deep knowledge about his core obligation, namely having startups for breakfast.
But one meeting stood out of all, when one member of the Royal Family showed up, expressing her opinion on the future of Thailand in general and the technological impact for her country. She is a great supporter of the blockchain sphere and her beliefs are sound and make us believe that the fundamental changes that will be seen very soon, will change Thailand once and forever. I used my 30 minutes to ask questions and to express my wishes for the legal frameworks shaping in Thailand at the current moment.Such conferences are a great opportunity to present ideas and get honest, sometimes even brutal feedback of real insiders. Some information can be revealed at this stage: is the thing to invest and the overwhelming feedback we got confirms our course of action. Summing up, TokenomX were a great way to warm up for the things to come in Hong Kong.

hong kong blockchain week 2019

Next stop Hong Kong, and after my first day there it became clear that some great developments laid ahead of the coming two weeks. The Hong Kong Blockchain Week from March 4th to 8th showed the “usual suspects”, members of the crypto trail, as well as newcomers and interestingly a lot of Europeans sneaking into Asia’s contributions to the blockchain world.
I used the time mainly for networking and digesting the latest development of STOs, Security Token Offerings. I intensified talks with Yellow about a potential investment, discussing all aspects of and especially the tokenomics behind the first decentralized global help desk. Time ran fast and it was time to attend a different kind of event.


Expensive tickets and an extraordinary hosting hotel, The Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, sorted the wheat from the chaff in terms of participating individuals and companies. No “crypto-guys” were seen, instead the conference displayed style, hired great speakers and delivered sustainable content. Token2049, the flagship of the Hong Kong’s Crypto week came along with very interesting side events on extraordinary locations. Entrepreneurs from all around the world had the chance to share opinions and projects in an atmosphere full of hope and energy.

Besides the conferences I used the chance to explore Hong Kong, meeting people from other industries and getting overwhelmed by views on the city from the famous “peak”. I have seen a lot of skylines in my life, but Hong Kong by night, observed from a terrace that looks like a space ship, stands above all I have witnessed.

Now about the content of Token2049. Besides AI legends like Ben Goertzel, the creator of the SingularityNet token, with whom I talked about Artificial Intelligence and its future in our world. He shared fascinating insights of his projects and at all time kept his objective view on this delicate matter. Justin Sun of Tron was another living icon of the current decentralized world, posing in front of a larger than life poster, making clear, why is one of the most talented communicator of ideas in our eco system.

One side event in particular, hosted by CBlock Capital, made we wonder how women do in blockchain. I was not disappointed at all when I learned about the vital community of female entrepreneurs entering the formerly male dominated space of blockchain. Of course, the date was not chosen randomly, as March 8 was indeed Women’s Day. And what an event it was! Women presented blockchain projects that will surely have an impact to the whole eco system very soon. In one of the side events I met Jaide Barclay and learned how to travel the world just using crypto, which was an eye opener for me. Finally, how could I not mention Shane Kehoe from SVK Crypto, the Godfather of blockchain soul, who is more then a good speaker and panel leader. His British humour, although he insists being of Irish decent, made me feel comfortable when discussing helpar matters and potential deals.


So, what did I learn from 3 weeks in Asia?

Firstly, institutional investors have taken over the blockchain world and foster maturity, which is a good thing. Secondly, the blockchain community still struggles to see the next huge “killer” after the ICO market has collapsed completely. Whether STOs are an answer to the question is still to be seen, but there are promising initiatives that hint into that direction.

While stating that, IBM has announced a mind-blowing co-operation with Stellar, building the infrastructure of payments for the future. Such projects show the real potential of this very technology and there is more to be seen in the near future.

Generally, it must be said, that Asia is the place to go when it comes to entrepreneurial spirit and the surrounding VC scene. There is a lot of money ready to be invested in ideas as well as concrete products and services. One learning in particular made me thinking a lot over the last few days. While Europe is     sharpening its legal frameworks, in particular when it comes to protect consumers and their data, Asia seems to follow a fundamentally different way. Data protection ends where convenience starts. People in Asia are not afraid to deliver data, even to the State, as long as the used services resolve their problems. As simple as it is!

One last remark, which mustn’t be missed when travelling with the “circus”. Juergen Hoebarth is the man, when it comes to profound knowledge of both, the technology and the people’s network all around the world. A warm “Thank you” to him as he navigated me through all events, always having an eye for what is important and what is just not. Now it is time to return to good old Europe, where everything is much slower and more complicated.

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