Connecting at any time – fluid customer relations

That's how fluid customer relations work

Let me introduce: Fluid customer relations

The last months were busy working on our communication app, and it paid off. We are now ready to make our vision come true. Have a look at our approach and find out, how the customer relations management of the future looks like. Helpar aims to disrupt the existing idea of customer relations by a new strategic approach, offering interactive guidance in different stages of the customer journey.

How do we achieve this goal?

1 By providing an interactive tool (app), that allows multi-channel communication (screen share, screen paint, live chat, voice and a bespoke screen marker language) between (prospective) customers and so-called “helpars”

2 By addressing and activating a special customer group, called “helpars”. Helpars are loyal customers who want more than just buying products. Such customers know much about their products and love to talk about it, they are perfect brand ambassadors and evangelists.

The result of such a combination offers a new way to:

  • interactively get in touch with prospective customers sooner than with existing tools
  • allow the most convenient way for customers to get instant information
  • provide time at the point of pain to resolve issues with helpars
  • create richer data along the customer journey
  • connect with customers more flexibly along the customer journey
  • increase conversion ratio by accelerating purchase decisions
  • save costs in help desks or support units. 

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