Delta Summit – Malta | Oct 23-25, 2018

the good, the better and the best

One of the major blockchain events in Europe is over. What is left as conclusion and learning?

Governmental initiatives

Malta’s government has done an incredible job, following a visionary roadmap from two years ago all along to the present day. Yes, the blockchain island has become realty and attracts new starters as well as big players like binance. That’s the good news, and there are more to come. Supporting bodies have been created and there is already a lively industry, accompanying new market entrants with proper services around blockchain challenges.

Malta’s support for the growing blockchain technology can be seen by active evening event on delta summit oct 2018participation in events, as seen during the Delta Summit. Silvio Schembri, Junior Minister, had an inspiring introduction speech, highlighting the way from the early beginning up to now, and what is planned for the coming months and years. It was really interesting to see, how close all involved key players worked together for one big goal, not getting slowed down by bureaucratic obstacles or destructive political dissent, like seen in other countries in the European Union. Internationally well accredited entrepreneurs like Dr. Abdalla Kablan were engaged to push legal and fiscal environments to become top notch. So, Malta is becoming the new hot spot, when it comes to start technology and blockchain ventures specifically.

The only small bottleneck could be identified in the support by the finance sector. Opening a bank account as a tech-start in the field of blockchain/crypto, still poses some challenges, but as time goes on, adoption will take place.

The Summit

Unlike other crypto conferences, Malta presents itself rather as a big family then a changpeng zhao, ceo of binancefaceless gathering. Everybody seems to know and talk to each other and there are always shortcuts available to even meet the big players. I had the chance to talk to Changpeng Zhao of binance before the conference started and talked with him about token listing and his evaluation of tokens in general. The conclusion: binance’s approach is driven by humans rather then by routines. Create a healthy token, gather a great involving community and don’t try force issues, rather through permanent reminders or “listing agencies”, if binance is ready to list you, around 2% of all tokens are considered to be listed, they’ll contact you. He hinted at a recent article, in which he explained the “black box” of token listing.

Robotblock takes overWhen the Summit started in an incredible ambience with a cheering crowd ready to start, it was clear that Delta Summit 2018 was already an event to be remembered. The panels delivered more than expected and the speakers were available to broaden one self’s horizon. Especially interesting were the pitches of rising blockchain ventures, attracting capital as well as technical experts, and creating new standards of how ideas should be presented in the future.

Summing up, Malta is top and will continue to secure its superiority. Looking forward to seeing you all there (again)!

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