helpar meets a global market that is ready in terms of mobile technology, the customers need for convenience and the potential of available skills amongst the techies and brilliant kids out there. Look at some facts, why the world waits for helpar:


crowd helpar
  • fast

  • always

  • convenient

Our market research showed us, that people prefer interactive live channels. We meet that demand with intuitive communication tools like screen painting and especially designed icons, allowing streamlined exchange of problems and solutions.
In 2021, 3.8 bn people will use their smartphone every day.
helpar aims to reach 1 bn of those smart phone users with its pre-sales, onboarding and support services.
Can you imagine the supporting power of such a community? With helpar, companies will be in control of their complete customer journey by a single tool, reaching customers when they really need it.

helpar accelerates purchase decisions and and improves customer satisfaction

helpar enables fluid flexible touchpoint communication and reduces returns

helpar saves overhead costs in support structures, call centres and help desks



Our core app process guarantees the best possible help based on pairing algorithms, ratings and reviews and allows a great rewarding system for helpars.

Create and place time tokens at any touchpoint, place QR codes on products, displays, websites or ads. Pair help seekers with helpars
Establish and manage communication between customers and helpars using screen sharing, screen painting, live chat and voice
Initiate ratings and reviews of seekers and helpars to guarantee highest quality of help. Transfer time tokens to helpars wallets
Jürgen, Marketing Expert
Using the crowd's skills
via an easy-to-use app
to connect with customers any time at any pain point will disrupt the consumer electronics sector.
How can we help





Start to transform your community into decentralized help units now. Support and service structures are necessary to keep customers satisfied. helpar's decentralized architecture offers a great opportunity to utilize hidden skills of a global crowd. Saving overhead costs and providing a long tail of potential solutions are far more effective than inflexible call centre structures or expensive sales promotion units.
helpar's b2b target groups are corporations of all sizes that aim to transform their customers and communities into decentralized help desks, saving costs massively.
The advantages are obvious: customers or users become supporters and helpars while connecting to the brand in a hitherto unexperienced depth.

Provide time
for engagement
when your customers
need it!

Deliver immersive guidance exactly to the point of pain. Let customers claim interaction time via helpar QR codes available on products or on supporting websites. Connect in pre-sales stages, onboarding activities after purchase, or technical support in case of problems. Stay in control of your customer's touch-points at any time.
Create QR codes and let customers claim time. Analyze, who is interested in your products.



Get your investment for pre-sales,
onboarding and support
with helpar's 3 stage
business model!

For their efforts, helpars get rewarded by companies. Those rewards can be refinanced by in-app ads (in “must-see” locations) and a marketplace, in which helpars can use their rewards to buy the companies’ products. Use this highly profitable system to build sustainable and cost-efficient customer relations.
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