malta blockchain summit

another milestone for our industry

a great start

Who could have guessed a year ago that Malta once would become a centre for the blockchain industry? Well, much was already said about the brand new legislation and the drive of supportive environments within the last months, but the latest Blockchain Summit confirmed Malta’s status within the industry impressively.

Planned for about 4.000 participants, the summit was literally overrun by more than 7.000 people, eagerly waiting for the latest news and the impressive speaker line-ups. 

meeting people

As everybody knows, conferences are meant to get the latest news from the industry but it is also a great opportunity to meet people. Malta is both, but seldomly you experience such a family-like environment, where people are relaxed and find time to share insights. I found it very inspiring to chat with with John Meeting with John McAfeeMcAfee for almost an hour about his view on blockchain and crypto in general. Probably media treats John a bit unfair because of his open-minded communication-style, but my conclusions after our talk was different. He has a clear idea about the future and I share it with him. Of course it was of particular interest to talk with him about our project and it was encouraging to get a great feed-back stating, that “blockchain needs applications that resolve real-world problems, disrupting outdated conceptions.” He offered great advice how to consider certain improvements which I discussed later with others during the conference.

Generally it must be said, that Malta Blockchain Conference 2018 was a well balanced attempt to combine projects with supporting and advising bodies. Within the last year, great initiatives were born, exploring legal, financial as well as structural opportunities at the self-proclaimed Blockchain island.

a meeting of a strange nature

Besides the daily business, the conference offered many side events with various chatting with AI Sophia was great funfocus. Amongst the “yacht evenings” and exclusive dinners, the gala dinner must be noted as one of the most outstanding events I have ever attended. Besides inspiring speeches and high-level guests from all around the world, one  attendee has to be highlighted. Have you ever chatted with an Artificial Intelligence? Well, I had the opportunity, and found it a bit freaky at the beginning. Sophia, the well known AI, really hold “her” ground by answering all questions greatly, even displaying some humour.

One could even guess, what potential lies in such a technology and will be shown to the world in the years to come. It was really funny, that after a few minutes of Q&A, talking to Sophia became as natural as talking with a human being.

EOS authority and there vision of the further development

meeting with eosauthority in MaltaOne of the most important meetings during the conference was set up on the last day of the conference, as my team was able to talk to #eosauthority, a self-funded London-based group of top-notch techies. Read more about them here. Roshan, Rohan and Alex are great guys and shared their approach with us openly, offering generous support for our challenges to come. We talked about EOS and its huge potential for the future over 1,5 hours and sealed our co-operation afterwards. Now we are sure that we have found the right technological environment to make a world-wide recognized service for individuals and companies.

celebrations, parties and follow-ups

Work hard, party even harder was probably the agenda of many participants, and the Malta Blockchain Conference offered the best of both worlds. Outstanding was the closing party on the beach, which left all blockchainers deeply impressed and will surely let them come back next year.

Now the real after-show starts, making use of all contacts and friends made. From my point of view, Malta constituted a huge leap forward, both for the industry and our project.

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