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When commitment meets vision

Our executive team

Chief Strategy Officer

Teuta Oruci | Co-founder

Innovative thinker with strong decentralisation and blockchain interest and broad expertise in regulated financial markets with proven ability to quickly analyse key business drivers and develop strategies for business growth.

• Operating as CFO/Executive Director with 19 years in regulated financial markets covering investment banking, insurance and asset management
• Acting as trusted advisor to investors and boards, driving value-building entrepreneurial strategies
• Leading activities in international and UK domestic corporate finance, M&A, financial reporting, governance, risk management and restructuring
• Initiating transactions through innovation, critical thinking and connecting people
• Strong commercial acumen supported by deep analytical skills
• Building high potential teams and leading internationally diverse workforce
• Working in highly regulated businesses as an FSA approved person

Chief Technology Officer

Heinz Popovic | Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, experienced developer of software and automation systems. Bitcoin miner and involvement in cryptocurrencies as well as developer of trading systems.

• Developing software for over 20 years
• Responsible for international ventures

Chief Financial Officer

Magdalena Krasteva

Finance director with 11 years proven track record in all aspects of finance – corporate finance, budget, business planning and control. Profound experience in tax legislation, accounting management, IFRS, IAS. Issuing statutory and group financial reports. Background in regulations of financial intitutions, supervised by the National bank.
Knowledge in leading finance and accounting team, that generates solutions for successful business descisions.
Applying a deep background of Bulgarian tax legislation. Analyzing new business schemes from tax risk point of veiw and provide business with the most appropriate solution. Tax optimization consultancy.
Previous 5 years experience as tax inspector in biggest tax authority subdivision – “Sredetz”, Sofia. Revised and inspected a different range of companies in terms of correct applying CITA, VAT, Personal Income Tax.

• Experienced Financial Officer
• International tax advisor
• Expert in DTT application analysis

Chief Marketing Officer

Juergen Repolust

After finishing his Master degree for architecture, Juergen changed to marketing consulting business and developed countless successful concepts and campaigns for many leading companies in Austria as for clients in Germany and Switzerland, amongst them Red Bull, Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Korn Ferry. Masterpieces and contemporary Art are also one of his great passions, beside sport, healthy and sustainable nutrition and of course traveling and discovering the world with his family.

Head Blockchain

Stefan Nastic

International experienced researcher, lecturer and developer of software solutions. Advisor to ICO projects in regard of blockchain technology and cloud computing.

• Postdoctoral researcher
• Serial entrepreneur in blockchain projects
• International AI projects

Chief Ethics Officer

Karin Huber-Heim

Founder and CEO at ‘csr & communication’, an internationally operating consulting firm for Corporate Sustainability & Innovation, Stakeholder Relationship Management and Communication to reach the Global Goals.
Studied communication with a strong focus on psychology, academic education in CSR-Management, author and conference speaker. Enthusiastic about the great opportunities the SDGs provide for corporate innovation and embracing Circular Economy for sustainable business innovation.

Academic Programm Director at postgraduate masterprogram “Sustainability & Responsible Management” and lecturer of Business & Management Ethics, CSR and Stakeholder Communication at various universities of applied sciences.

• International Project Experience in Sustainability Strategy
• CSR Communication & Sustainability Reporting in international projects
• ISO 26000, AA1000SES
• Business- and Management Ethics
• Communication- and Media-psychology

Head Visualization Technology

Ivan Sakic

Great expertise in development of Augmented Reality core software. Team leader of agile software teams with track record.

Head Online Marketing

Thomas Thaler

One of the leading European online marketing experts with nominations for marketeer of the year in Austria and the Austrian Marketing Award.

• Law Degree
• Technical Degree
• Tax advisor

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A strong foundation of our success

Our experienced advisors


Andreas Rockenbauer

Andreas is a serial entrepreneur who holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree (compareable to M.Sc.) as well as finishing his MA in philosophy, which makes him an ideal advisor for the philosophical and technological evaluation of helpar.

Decentralized Ledger Technologist

Michael Goeschka

Karl Michael Göschka holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree (compareable to M.Sc.) in electrical and control engineering, a Dipl.-Ing. (compareable to M.Sc.) degree in computer science; a Mag.rer.soc.oec (compareable to M.Soc.Ec.Sc.) degree in computer science management, and a doctoral degree in information systems (1999, “Architectures of Web Applications”) from the Vienna University of Technology, all with greatest honors. 07/1994 – 09/2000 he was with the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology as a research and teaching assistant. During this period he also served as a consultant and headed research co-operations with Ericsson, Siemens, the Austrian Federal Railways, and Frequentis. 1996 – 2003 he assisted Prof. Eier with the supervision of ten Ph.D. students. Awards: 3rd prize at the International Mathematical Olympiade 1985; “GIT promotion award” of the ÖVE 1994 and 1999; “appreciation award” of the Ministry of Research and Transport 1998, dissertation award by the Austrian president 1999.

Corporate Relations

Thomas Weigelhofer

Focus: Accounting, Consulting and IT solutions, and dont forget dataprotection (GDPR)
Managing director of a subgroup of an international IT company; Commercial director of the largest private IT-Outsourcer in Austria and in the CEE-Region; Studies in business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business; Certified finance manager; publicly appointed accountant

Token strategy

Gerhard Massenbauer

Gerhard’s professional career is focused on macro-economical studies, which he publishes since 1999, with a special skill in analyzing currency trends. Since late 2013 he publishes an english issue of his forex work, which he addresses to companies with FX exposure and asset managers. With his asset management company Censeo GmbH he manages currency risks for clients in the private and corporate sector.


ICO strategist

Juergen Hoebarth

Juergen started to get early involved with cryptocurrencies dating back to 2014. Today he is a crypto investor, advisor, and speaker who thinks ahead in terms of what will come next and how it affects our society and businesses. Having a profound and solid experience in the digital Startup ecosystem allows him to have an edge in understanding and being able to evaluate and rate upcoming ICOs. He also speaks and consults on the potential of newer cryptocurrencies such as EOS, IOTA, NEO, and Cardano as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today he acts as well as advisors and tokenization consultant for ICOs and blockchain projects.

Community management

Lex Goetz | Co-founder

Over 14 Augmented Reality research- and development projects worldwide and 20+ years inside financial business (developing and working). Lex focuses on results-driven business leadership, excels in presentations and briefings in front of larger audiences.

Decentralized Identity Management

Bernhard Reiterer

Global Business Development and Strategic Sales Expert experienced in leveraging a company’s core strengths to identify and grow new business for world-class organizations.
Talented at quickly identifying and exploiting business opportunities and trends in consumer markets. Entrepreneurial mindset combined with a deep marketing, product development and product launch background. Passionate about building relationships with strong business partners in challenging environments.

International Sales

Volker Wainig

Having decades of experience in sales and business development, Volker focuses on exploring new market opportunities and coaching. Leading the sales force and developing the bespoke sales strategy is his core activity. He is a serial entrepreneur currently living in Vienna.

Leading Corporate Brands

Gerald Reitmayr

Over more than 20 years, Gerald has enjoyed a fast paced career at Global #1 brands in the electronics industry. He has been a board member of regional headquarters and served as Vice President and Head of Sales Channels for Samsung Europe, reporting to the CEO of Samsung Europe.

In 2016, Gerald started his own business in IT services. Since then the company has grown to 40 staff and EUR 16m consolidated turnover generated mostly from consulting and services.

Gerald is on board of helpar due to his extensive knowledge of tech support and his vast network in the industry.

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